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Oxford Blocks

Oxford has been developing building bricks for over 20 years and have built a reputation of quality, while ensuring we follow global trends. Our quality has proved itself in Korea, where we are the No 1 toy manufacturer, as well as other countries worldwide.

We produce only the safest products at the highest quality

Oxford is continually striving to expand our ranges and develop new products in order to offer the best possible products and services to children all around the world. Now partnered with Edu-Go Blocks South Africa! Oxford has gained global recognition within the toy industry, with distribution throughout North America, Europe, Asia and now South Africa. Oxford is improving constantly by sharing knowledge and other ideas with international companies, as well as conducting global market research. Our Key values are quality and safety when it comes to manufacturing products for children.

There are two types of bricks
First, the stacking type. Children learn to pile them up onto each other rather than interlocking them. This process teaches children problem solving techniques, organisation and planning, together with a sense of balance when handling objects.

Second, the interlocking type. This type of brick requires more strength and concentration for children because they have to interlock the bricks accurately with each other. This interlocking of bricks helps children develop their hand/eye coordination, fine motor skills and concentration.

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